Title: And In Your Arms I Shall Find Shelter

Author: Maknatuna

Genre: AU, Major Character Death

Rating: NC-17

Word Count: 32,754

Summary: Dean Winchester is a long forgotten painter who suddenly receives an order for a painting from a rich man, Crowley. He is about to start painting when Castiel, his personal reaper visits him.

The main question is: Will Castiel give Dean enough time to finish the painting?

P.S Don’t get scared of the warning. It has a good ending, I promise.

Comments: This just kept getting better and better as I went to each new chapter. And it only took me one night. And it got super-interesting super-fast. I don’t know, I was very iffy about it in the beginning  but as it progressed I got more into it. Very good story, overall. Oh, and Reaper!Cas! Which is very rare. B+, I’d say! And DO NOT BE SCARED OF THE MAJOR CHARACTER DEATH WARNING. IT IS HAPPY. :D (Recommended by casisdeansbabe)